Unbalanced Card Counting Systems

If you are thinking of taking online blackjack to higher levels, then consider mastering the card counting techniques. If you are new to mobile casino blackjack card counting, you need to start-off with the basics. There are various card counting systems available and these are grouped in two categories – the unbalanced and the balanced card counting systems. In this guide, I will introduce you to the unbalanced card counting systems.

The Unbalanced Card counting systems

The unbalanced card counting systems also known as the Level 1 count systems are suitable for starters as they are simple to adopt during game play. However, the unbalanced card counting systems and the advanced/ balanced card counting systems are all effective during game play at which the only difference is that the advanced systems give out a clearer picture of determining whether the shoe deck is high card or low card rich.

The unbalanced card counting systems mainly keep track of the Running Count (RC) and conversion of the True Count (TC) is not necessary. The most common unbalanced card counting techniques are the Zen II Count and the KO Count.

In the unbalanced card counting systems, each card is assigned a value that reduces or decreases the Running Count (RC) as the cards are placed/ dealt on the table. The neutral cards do not cause any effect to the running count.

The initial value of the running count starts-off at 0 as soon as the deck has been reshuffled. Therefore, when a high card is treated on the table, for instance, a 10 the running count becomes -2. If another high card such as a K is dealt then the running count becomes -4. Thus, the running count (RC) increases or decreases according to the cards dealt on the board and taking note of their point values. Therefore, if the running count has a higher negative value, this indicates that more high cards have been played out from the deck and the deck is now low card rich.