Online Craps

Craps is one of the most popular games in jeux de casino. It's fun; action packed and offers superb odds. On the other hand, due to the different styles that are available, it may be confusing for a newcomer.

Craps has a long history and has remained extremely popular throughout. It's said it was invented by an Englishman called Sir William of Tyre during his crusades. Others believe it has Arabic origins. In the middle ages, the game was called Hazard, and enjoyed enormous popularity in the English-speaking countries.

Over the next century, it gained prominence in France, where its name changed and became Craps. Eventually craps spread to the USA where it enjoys its biggest popularity today. Craps is these days being played in every casino both offline and online.

Can Craps Also be Played Online?

Craps players have these days the opportunity to play craps over the internet. Online craps is these days a safe and secure activity given the fact that many countries on the globe have decided to regulate online gambling.

Online gambling regulation has resulted in shady casinos and fraudulent providers going bust. These days to become a legitimate operators, online casinos will have to make sure to only offer safe and fair services. Licensed online casinos are constantly being checked by government agencies specially tasked to supervise the online gambling market.

Under these conditions playing craps online is perfectly safe these days. The only thing players should always check if the online casino of their choice has a valid license. There are online casinos out these that don't have licenses or have gone rouge; this is just a fact of live. These casinos have to be avoided.

Is Online Craps the Same as Regular Brick-and-Mortal Casino Craps?

Online craps follows the same principles and rules as craps in land-based casinos. In a typical game of craps here, the goal of the player is to predict the possible outcome of a roll of two dices. Craps allows players to choose from a large selection of bets before the dices are being rolled.

Online craps is considerably cheaper than the live version, since the player doesn't have to pay for travel expenses or support the generally higher prices in a casino. In the online version, players also have the advantage of being at home. This eliminates the stress and noise factor from the game.

Online casinos most commonly use sophisticated technology such as random number generators to generate the results of rolling the dices. These random number generators were designed in the way to accurately replicate the odds and probabilities of land-casino craps. Online craps odds aren't just similar to offline craps odds, they are exactly the same.

The only difference between the two game variants lies only in the visual aspects. Some casinos may use unique virtual craps tables with a distinct layout and color scheme. Some online craps tables may also use various visual and sound effects that do not reflect regular craps gameplay.

Can Craps be Beaten? – Is there a Way to Generate Consistent Winnings?

We've came across websites claiming that they can teach anyone how to beat the system in craps and generate consistent winnings. As good and tempting this might sound, craps cannot be beaten by the player; it's a game based on luck and chance.

However, there are way that could increase the player's winning probabilities. One of these methods is to play with relatively smaller bets over a longer period of time. Smaller bets prevent the player from going bust too fast and as such offer multiple winning opportunities.

Craps is all about odds and probabilities. Every single craps bet has distinct odds and winning chances. The bets that offer high winning odds offer lower payouts and the best that offer very low winning chances offer higher payouts.

It's recommended to choose those bets that offer better winning odds but lower payouts. This will nowhere ensure guaranteed winnings might increase the frequency the player is able to cash in smaller sized winnings.

Remember, craps is a game of chance and it has to be treated as such. Still, there are many players who have managed to win very large sums of money while playing craps online. This isn't impossible and has been proven on multiple occasions at reputable and legal online casinos.

However, the number of losing players will always be larger than the number of winning players. Keep this in mind if you decide to play and always be in content with your odds and enjoy the game in moderation.