Online Bingo

Bingo is an extremely popular pastime activity enjoyed throughout the world. The reason why this game managed to become this popular is that it's extremely simple to play but also very exciting and entertaining. Most of the time bingo doesn't require investing a very large amount of money; generally, people play bingo for the sake of fun and entertainment.

This is also the reason why generally bingo is not considered to be a typical casino game. Still, it can provide substantial wins to players who are persistent and play responsibly. For example, just recently in 2012 a UK woman managed to hit a large jackpot of £1.3 million after only purchasing a £5 online bingo card. This was even covered by the mainstream media. You can look it up.

Playing Bingo over the Internet

These days bingo can be played on the internet as well. So-called online bingo rooms are operating for many years now and most of them are even state-sanctioned. This means that they were reviewed and tested by a government agency and determined to offer safe and fair services.

Today's technology can perfectly replicate the odds and probabilities related to regular offline bingo gameplay. Online bingo games function the same way and use the exact same odds and probabilities than real life offline bingo games. Most online bingo games and bingo cards are even being provided by the same companies that most commonly sell bingo tickets offline.

It's very simple to play bingo online, here's a short description of what you have to do to get started:

Choose an online bingo room

There are many different bingo rooms on the web. What matters most is that you choose one that satisfies your needs the most. In order to find the room that fits you the most you should evaluate various criteria such as reputation of the room, amount of games provided, size and frequency of jackpots.

Register and deposit money

After this you will have to register and deposit money. It's extremely important to register with 100% accurate personal data since in case you win and have faulty data the room might deny your payout. When depositing money you should make sure it's an amount you aren't afraid to lose. Deposits can be performed using various payment processors such as PayPal, Moneybookers, credit cards and lot of others.

Choose your game and play

The last step is to choose your preferred bingo game and buy a bingo card. Most commonly you can buy bingo cards as cheap as £/$/€ 0.10 and as expensive as £/$/€ 100. Choose the amount that fits you the most but there's no need to overdo it; playing with large amounts won't increase your odds.

Is Online Bingo Safe, is it Regulated?

As it's in the case with every other real money game on the internet, it's safe if you are playing at licensed and regulated providers. In case you aren't aware of, a lot of countries on the planet have legalized online bingo (and other games as well) and are awarding legit online bingo operators with so-called gaming licenses.

In order for bingo rooms to become state-approved they will have to pass a series of tests and evaluations conducted by a state-run organization. Naturally only those that are providing 100% reliable services will receive the state's approval.

Why do countries do this? – The main reason why certain countries have decided to legalize online bingo is because bingo is a mainstream activity these days. There is really no reason why people shouldn't be allowed to play their favorite game online.

The second reason is that licensed online bingo sites will have to pay taxes to the state. Since online bingo is so popular it involves a huge amount of money. Online gaming taxes can be a huge revenue boost to states that have decided to liberalize their market.

So all online bingo rooms are safe? There's nothing to worry about?

Some websites will claim that things are all shiny and playing online bingo is perfectly safe. Well that's not entirely true. There are actually some shady operators on the web that do not have valid licenses and operate from rouge jurisdictions. These are the ones that will have to be avoided.

However, like we said above, all licensed online bingo websites are perfectly safe and there's really nothing to worry about. As we explained, a license is awarded by a real governmental organization and it's pretty sure that no serious country will award a license to a scam artist.

So in short, it's definitely safe to play online bingo and deposit money at an online bingo site if the online bingo site is licensed and regulated. Naturally there are more criteria to evaluate when choosing a bingo room, such as available games, quality of the gaming software, and more. Our related articles are dedicated to these topics.