Internet Keno

Keno is a lottery like game which can be found in virtually every casino. It's enjoyed by many because players have the opportunity to win big whilst investing relatively little money. Keno is a game of luck and chance and as such there are no strategies that could "beat the system".

Keno is several thousand years old. It's believed to have been invented by Cheung Leung, a Chinese Han dynasty emperor. Leung's city was involved in a long and horrifying war which put an enormous strain on the treasury. The only way to bring in more money was through encouraging people to play the newly invented game.

Keno Can be Played on the Internet as Well

These days keno can also be enjoyed on the internet at online casino. Keno enthusiasts have the opportunity to play keno online for real money but also for play money. In most countries this is a perfectly legitimate practice due to the fact that online gaming is a regulated activity.

To play keno, players will have to purchase a keno ticket that contains 80 numbers. Players will have to select a certain amount of numbers on the ticket and hope that the online casino's random number generator will pick those as winning numbers.

The amount of numbers players are allowed to choose depends from casino to casino, but the most common is between 4 and 10. Some casinos may even allow players to choose one single number only.

After the numbers have been selected on the ticket, the casino will randomly generate 20 winning numbers. Payouts will be awarded based on the number of accurate predictions made by players. Choosing a lot of numbers will decrease the winning chances but will increase the potential payout.

Security and Safety in Online Keno

The majority of online casinos operating on the web are owned by legitimate companies. This claim is based on the fact that the majority of online casinos have a valid online gaming license issued by one or multiple state-run organizations in various countries.

We aren't talking about remote island nations such as Curacao or some exotic places in the Caribbean; we're talking about countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Malta, Denmark and more. Most online casinos that offer keno are licensed in these countries.

The reason why we pointed this out is to show that most online casinos are perfectly legitimate and safe. Countries such as the ones mentioned above would not sanction online casinos that have a shady reputation or offer rigged games.

Legitimate online casinos generate keno games using so-called random number generators. These random number generators were designed to perfectly replicate the winning probabilities and odds of offline keno games. So, this is another reason why it's perfectly safe to play keno at legitimate and licensed casinos.

What are the Odds in Keno? – Are there Ways to Beat the System?

Keno is a typical game of chance meaning that there are no strategies that will ensure guaranteed winnings. There are many myths and misconceptions revolving around keno that claim that using certain methods will result in guaranteed payouts.

Such things don't exist and people who claim otherwise should be distrusted. There is one myth that clams that players can predict the numbers the system will choose next based on the history of the numbers chosen during previous games and for more information visit here

According to this "strategy", players will have to note down the numbers chosen during the previous 10-20 rounds and make a list of numbers that were hit the most. After this, players should buy a keno ticket and select those numbers that were chosen the least number of times.

This tactic doesn't make any sense at all. The random number generator or software application used in games of keno doesn't takes into consideration the numbers chosen previously. The way the numbers are chosen in a game is completely independent from the numbers chosen during previous games.

However, increase the winning probabilities is possible to some extent…

There are however ways that will statistically increase players' winning probabilities. One of these is to choose the amount of numbers on a keno ticket that provides the best statistical advantage to the player. This amount is between 4 and 6. However, this will of course not guarantee any winnings; as explained, keno is a game of chance.

There are other keno related tips and strategies that can be used to enhance players' winning odds. Some of these are described in our additional keno guides and articles. However, possibly the most important tip to remember is to play responsibly and in moderation during real money gameplay.